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Ghostswimmer navy drone
The GhostSwimmer shark droneEdward Guttierrez / US Navy

The US Navy's new GhostSwimmer drone is terrifying

As if sharks weren't scary enough

The US Navy has announced that it's finished testing on the GhostSwimmer drone: a sea-dwelling UAV that looks just like a shark. Senior naval analyst Christopher Harmer told Yahoo News: "It’s an effort to take the lessons of Darwinism, and apply them". Jesus. 

GhostSwimmer is around five feet long, weighs about 100 pounds and swims just like a real fish. Check it out moving exactly like a shark below: 

GhostSwimmer works independently or by remote control. The Navy hope that it will prove a vital tool on surveillance missions or for gathering intelligence under the cloak of disguise. For now, it's doing dogsbody stuff like gathering environmental data and weather reports.

The machine is the latest in a long line of freaky drones built to resemble powerful members of the animal kingdom. In 2012 a company called Boston Dynamics built the Cheetah, a drone that can sprint faster than Usain Bolt. For $65, you can purchase the DASH, a drone inspired by cockroaches. Meanwhile, Italian researchers are working on PoseiDrone, an octopus-like machine that intended to explore the nooks and crannies of the deep that human beings can't access.

While there's a common misconception that sharks are more dangerous than they are, GhostSwimmer isn't going to stay friendly for long. After the US Navy's monstrous plaything has finished observing tides and currents, it's going to evolve into a war machine.

"Eventually, we’re going to weaponise them,” says Harmer. "There isn’t any ground-breaking technology that the military hasn’t found some way to eventually weaponise". At least Sharknado might get another film out of the franchise?