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Jordan Baseman Shines A Light on Soho

The Dark Is The Night Exhibition Explores London's Notorious District

Jordan Baseman’s new film Dark Is The Night, currently showing at ArtSway, explores the seedy underbelly of London’s most notorious district and features interviews with the faded thespians and transexuals that haunt its streets at night. We caught up with the subversive American artist to find out what it was like to take his video camera into the dark world of crackheads, pimps and prostitutes...

DazedDigital: What inspired you to interview the denizens of Soho?
Jordan Baseman: Interviewing people often plays a major role in my work.I really love the unpredictable nature of the interview process.

DD: Was there anyone you interviewed that particularly struck you?
JB: They were all interesting – but I wasn't able to make good use of all of them. I interviewed nine people and only used three of them in the final works.

DD: Did you find the project at all depressing at times?
JB: Well, I am totally aware of the crack situation. It is everywhere you look after dark: it's grim. But I don't think that it defines Soho or London. Crack is rife in most western cities.

DD: What kind of reactions do you hope to engender in the audience?
JB: You can never predict how people will respond to work, but I am hoping that the work is entertaining, thought-provoking and moving.

DD: What is your opinion on prostitution?
JB: It doesn't really matter what I think: but for what it is worth I feel it should be legalised.

DD: There is obviously a dark underbelly to Soho, how far did you go in exploring that?
JB: The work does deal with that in many ways. I spent a lot of time in Soho late at night. The film Dark Is The Night features a transsexual prostitute who speaks frankly about her life and aspirations within the darkest parts of Soho.

Dark is The Night is showing at ArtSway until April 5