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Couples who get stoned are less likely to be violent

A study shows that partners who get high together are significantly less likely to commit domestic violence

Good news for all you couples who blaze together every evening – you're considerably less likely to physically harm each other. Researchers at the University of Buffalo conducted a study that analysed the substance intake of 634 married couples over a period of nine years and found that the couples who got stoned together had a much lower record of domestic violence.

There could be a plethora of reasons for this, one obvious one being just too lazy to fight. Weed has a proven track record for making people chronically demotivated, but if it's putting a cap on domestic violence and physical abuse then who are we to argue?

Another plausibility put forth by the study authors is the dulling of emotions caused by getting blazed every night. Or, in slightly more scientific terms: "chronic marijuana users exhibit blunted emotional reaction to threat stimuli, which may also decrease the likelihood of aggressive behaviour."

The study also says "marijuana may increase positive affect, which in turn could reduce the likelihood of conflict and aggression." Typically, people who get stoned tend to do so to feel good. If both partners are chasing the same buzz of an evening, there's perhaps less likelihood that they'll start throwing punches around.

While whisky may carry a reputation as a wicked conduit to violence, this study shows that weed might really be all peace and love.

(h/t Washington Post)