Let's go browse at the cybercafe!

Watch Fokn Bois sample Windows music and rap about committing online fraud in the internet cafes of Ghana

Mensa and Wanlov the Kubelor are the two Ghanaian rappers that make up Fokn Bois. The duo's work is playful by nature, humorous and observational with a strong sense of ambition; in 2010 Fokn Bois released Coz Ov Moni, a hip-hop musical performed entirely in Ghanaian Pidgin English."Cybercafe" is their latest video – a surreal satire of life inside the internet cafes of Accra.

Fokn Bois describe themselves as "nerdy, satirical assholes" obsessed with the sounds and graphics of the 90s – note the sampling of the iconic Windows start up sound so evocative of cybercafes. The film follows Fokn Bois as they excitedly bounce down to the nearest cybercafe to "check Facebook, check Myspace" and then commit fraud online.