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From the Anonymous Sex Journal #3Courtesy of Alex Tieghi-Walker

Want to submit your stories of self-pleasure?

Calling all tossers! The Anonymous Sex Journal is looking for contributors for its ‘Sex For One’ issue

The confessionally-minded Anonymous Sex Journal publishes sexual disclosures ranging from the joyous, the mundane and the abhorrent. And now it's calling on you to submit your tales of depravity. Caveat: this issue is called "Sex For One" or "The Solo Issue", so these have to be stories about a time you were engaged in sexual activity all on your lonesome. (Wanking, basically.)

Here's an example of one anonymous fantasy submitted for this issue: "For erotic and pragmatic reasons I fantasise about sensually eating food from my own nude and writhing body. It would not only be highly sensual but would really save on the washing-up. However, my tongue can only reach my knee with ease and I'm insure (sic) that's an erogenous zone, also perhaps a risky balancing act for the steak and kidney pudding."

Dazed caught up with the Anonymous Sex Journal founder and editor Alex Tieghi-Walker to get to grips with the latest issue and his own personal forays into self-pleasure. You can read some sample confessions from its first issue here.

Are you ever disturbed by any submissions you’ve received?

Alex Tieghi-Walker: I’ve had some pretty dark entries. I think it’s good that people have shared these experiences; I imagine it must have been a cathartic process for the submitters even if it feels weird (or intrusive) my end reading them.

Do you publish every submission you receive? If not, how does your filter work?

Alex Tieghi-Walker: I publish stories that are told with honesty. You can really tell that some people have edited their experiences or are writing something that they feel people would like to read. Each issue is themed so I only publish relevant stories, though sometimes I’ll get a story through that fits in to a whole new category of its own that I’ll save up for a future Misfits issue.

Masturbating and getting off via porn or whatever is often seen as lonely and sad – or do you think it’s underrated? 

Alex Tieghi-Walker: I think getting off via porn and masturbating are very different ball games. I can’t speak on behalf of all of mankind, but sometimes for me there’s the need for a quick release (or I’m bored) so wanking is something to fill a moment of time. On the other hand, I think stepping out to really consider my own sexuality and having sex alone is really healthy for the mind. Thinking about your body, how you masturbate and how to make it a meaningful experience is important.

Can you describe to me your personal best and worst Sex For Ones?

Alex Tieghi-Walker: Sometimes the best wanks are the most stressful – ones where there’s a time or privacy constraint so the act becomes something like a "challenge" that you win on completion.

How many submissions for "Sex For One" have you had so far? Any particular ones that stand out?

Alex Tieghi-Walker: I’ve had about 30 so far – this is an interesting theme because it also encompasses fantasies. I’m getting all sorts of submissions about what turns people on and how it feels to be aroused. Someone also sent me a real-time submission yesterday that was particularly insightful.

Have you ever been caught wanking by somebody you really didn’t want to be caught wanking by?

Alex Tieghi-Walker: Nope. Never been caught. There have been plenty of nearly moments. Though I did walk in on my roommate at school who’d taken a rather outlandish approach to wanking (involving apparatus). It was momentarily awkward but now it’s a comical memory we share.

If you have a story that would be suitable for this issue of the Anonymous Sex Journal, please submit your entries online here. Don't be shy.