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Your best fashion Tumblrs

Does the deluge of mis-credited imagery and OOTD posts on Tumblr get you down? Revel in our favourite reader-submitted (and original-artwork) US fashion Tumblrs

ICYMI, all last week on Dazed we celebrated the best in US with State of Fashion Week, premiering a new VFiles series, hanging with Mike the Ruler and his NY gang and showcasing a catalogue of alt art 'products' by DISown and DIS magazine – revisit it all here

Over on the Dazed Tumblr we went through every single State of Fashion Tumblr submission, handpicking the imagery that inspired us the most. From double-take style Tumblrs, to digi-collage, editorial GIFs and student portfolios, check out our pick of your State of Fashion Tumblrs below.

Yesterday we kickstarted State of Music, concluding our six-week long States of Independence project with takeovers from DJ Mustard and LA's Amoeba music, plus more to come throughout the week. Submit your music themed US Tumblrs here, not forgetting to add a short description and where you're from in the States. We want to see mixes, artwork and photography – extra points for original work.

Eye-burning brights and flash-back fashion abound in student Jason Altaan's arresting Tumblr of original work. Curious slogans (some indecipherable) brand Altaan's images like adverts, and he often reworks the same piece with varying digi-collage layers and finishes.

20, born and raised in San Diego, California but currently studying at Central Saint Martins, London

Tell us about the image we selected as Tumblr of the Day – what was the concept?
This photo "Paradise" was taken in San Diego, my home town, just after I graduated high school. The concept I had in mind for this photo was sort of a surreal/sci-fi, Girl-on-Girl Romance Novel cover set in a utopic, Garden of Eden-like setting. Luckily I lived very close to a massive flower field in Carlsbad, CA where we ended up shooting. The girl on the left is Sideara St. Claire, owner of popular LA based clothing line NIN3 as well as an incredibly talented singer/actor and has been a huge motivation and inspiration to my work. She is also the owner of the 8 ft. Jungle Carpet Python wrapped around the two of them in the shot.

What inspires you – online and offline?
A lot of my inspiration comes from advertising and the way companies can market really basic, poorly manufactured products while convincing the public that it is the answer to all their problems. I have a great appreciation for the larger than life, colourful, dream-like existences often portrayed in ads or infomercials for something that could be as simple as bleach. I'm always getting inspired by artists I admire (Pierre et Gilles, David LaChapelle, Alex Prager, Alex Gross, Taylor Marie Prendergast, Jeff Koons) but my art is heavily influenced by music, television series, and movies of past decades as well – Prince, The Cars, Billy Idol, Elvis, Bowie, and shows like Baywatch and Miami Vice. They had some really good shit going on back then, culturally, and the graphics that came along with these iconic shows and artists were absolutely priceless. 

What’s the best thing you’ve found on Tumblr?
I'd say one of the best things I've found on tumblr would be this blog that archives thousands of advertisements, portraits and dirty magazine covers from Japan in the 1980s. I love seeing magazines and commercials from foreign countries that I can appreciate while still having no idea what the fuck they're talking about. When I incorporate different languages into my art, it's never intended for the person who can understand what it says. It's intended to make the viewer feel the image is out of reach to your understanding. It should make you feel kind of stupid. 

What’s the worst thing you’ve found on Tumblr?
I think I've blocked it out of my memory. There's some weird shit on there.

What would you like to find on Tumblr?
I'd like to find more young, contemporary artists who have a unique point of view or commentary on society and are creating work that is original and speaks to me. It's always inspiring to find people my age who have a strong vision and are motivated enough to actually carry it out. I'm sure there's tons artists like this on Tumblr, I guess I just don't really know where to look.

Every so often, while trawling through endless, identikit OOTD Tumblrs, you find a gem that makes the search worthwhile. All is not as it seems at first glance of Elliott Alexzander's already-influential site, where it's namesake dons his truly gender-disruptive outfits, and blogs about his day-to-day experiences – both negative and positive. 

21, Atlanta, Georgia

Tell us about the image and outfit we selected as Tumblr of the Day.
Yes, the swim suit! One of my favourites by far simply because of the impact it had, particularly on individuals who are AMAB (assigned male at birth) with variant genders. There are very few clothing options, if any for these individuals to express themselves. The swim wear was actually modified from two separate swimsuits in order to fit my body type.

When and why did you start your style Tumblr?
House of Alexzander began in August of 2012. We launched as a blog first but later decided to add custom features to make it user friendly for viewers who didn't use the Tumblr platform. The original idea for the blog was mostly for myself actually. I was using it as a way to keep track of my own outfits, clothing modifications and writing. However with great success so quickly, I realised that the blog had much more potential. Now there are several projects in the works that will allow House of Alexzander to branch out further into the gender variant community.

What inspires you – online and offline?
When it comes to the website, my followers inspire me more than anything. The entire process of piecing an outfit together, having the photo shoot and then publishing is a lot of work. However, its very rewarding when my followers take time out to encourage me and let me know of the inspirational impact I am having on their lives.

Offline I surround myself with other creative individuals. I also collect magazines and enjoy spending time clipping inspirational material from them and pasting it to the walls of my office. It helps my creative process to be literally consumed in inspirational material. I'm also a cosmetologist [study and application of beauty treatment] which gives me the freedom to go beyond clothes and create new trends within the beauty industry.

What’s the best thing you’ve found on Tumblr?
That's actually a really hard question. So much creativity flows through the Tumblr universe, my favourite posts are the ones that list like a million life hacks or tips and tricks for computers or something. Here's a link to my fav. You've just got see it to understand really.

What’s the worst thing you’ve found on Tumblr?
I try to keep a lockdown on negativity that pops up onto my dashboard, but I think what I can't stand the most is when I'm in a public place and all of a sudden really graphic porn shows up and I have to make like a mad scrolling dash before anyone else see's it. Naked bodies of all shapes, colours & sizes are beautiful when displayed artistically. However, almost everyone knows porn when they see it and they all known the difference between porn and artistic nudity.

What would you like to find on Tumblr?
I would like to see more encouragement and positivity. Lots of people are real quick to judge others on tumblr, for better and for worse. I wish there was a higher level of acceptance and tolerance between users with a difference of opinion. Debate is a powerful thing, but it can get way out of hand really quickly on Tumblr.

Superimposing acid-bright, graphic style get-ups over found fashion imagery, Kervin Brisseaux's fashion work is the product of a creators insatiable need to create. Brisseaux is the visual identity umbrella of illustrator Kervin and his DJ and writer brother Karl.

New York City

Tell us about the piece we selected as Tumblr of the Day – how did you create it? What made you start this series?
That illustration was done over a Lachlan Bailey photograph of  Edita Vilkeviciute found in Industrie Magazine #6. I adored the original photo and felt inspired to add my own twist to it. All of the work is done digitally. 

What initially sparked the idea of creating this series was the need to keep my Tumblr active. When trying to build an audience, it's pretty crucial to have a consistent output of work. I find fashion to be a great muse when coming up with ideas and figured why not work directly with the source of inspiration, just for fun. In the end you have something bold, simple and personal. It's my interpretation of how fashion concepts can be shown. It also gives me an opportunity to delve into an avenue of design that I've always been intrigued by.      

What inspires you – online and offline?
The internet is saturated with so much material, both visually and musically. When I'm not being lazy, I catalogue almost anything I find inspirational here

Offline, it's tough to pinpoint what inspires me explicitly, but a recurring theme is definitely the architectural experience. Living in NYC, there are some incredible buildings and urban spaces that I love revisiting, like 41 Cooper Square or Lincoln center. A good sci-fi film or an amazing DJ gig doesn't hurt either!

What’s the best thing you’ve found on Tumblr?
Ohhhh, that's a tough one. Can I do top 3? I'll do top 3.

What’s the worst thing you’ve found on Tumblr?
Tumblr, like YouTube, has taken me to some dark and weird places. I honestly can't remember where I've seen them but it'd probably be best if I don't mention it here anyways. 

What would you like to find on Tumblr?
It'd be great to catch some more blogs dedicated to music. Tumblr is so heavily saturated with imagery, it'd be cool to find more audio blogs to level that out a bit. 

How does one fashion image distance itself from another in the infinite scroll of Tumblr? When it is a GIF. Sometimes whimsical, sometimes melancholic, Erica Shires fashion editorial GIFs are mesmerising. 

Brooklyn, New York

Tell us about the GIF we selected as Tumblr of the Day – what was the concept?
A little painting come to life. I’m always looking to capture some sense of uneasiness.

Do you shoot solely to create the GIFs, or are the GIFs a by-product of a shoot?
For the last 4 or 5 years I have been shooting motion alongside all of my still shoots. I have an enormous backlog of footage that hasn’t been edited yet but will eventually be made into short video mood pieces or GIFs

What inspires you – online and offline?
Online - discovering new artists.
Offline - upstate New York.

What’s the best thing you’ve found on Tumblr?
Original intelligent photography. 

What’s the worst thing you’ve found on Tumblr?
Having to read the “advice” people think they are giving = unfollow.

What would you like to find on Tumblr?
It’s already there somewhere.

Sarah Conlon leads you on a journey through her BA of Fine Arts collection from NY's Fashion Institute of Technology, sharing sketchbook pages, runway shots, and sneak peaks from shoots as her work finds resonance with stylists and photographers keen to collaborate. It was a close call between the above image, and this collection video.

22, New York City

Tell us about the image we selected for Tumblr of the Day.
It’s a behind the scenes shot taken by a stylist named Winnie Huang who asked me to contribute some of my pieces to an editorial she was working on with photographer Jingyu Lin. I made the black and white tweed jacket the model is wearing. Since I started posting about my BFA collection from FIT I’ve been getting interest from independent stylists and photographers wanting to collaborate, which is awesome! It’s great to live in a city with so many creative minded people.

What inspires you – online and offline?
I’m super inspired by abstraction in any shape or form. There’s a really cool glitch art movement online, and I love how it’s a rebellion against pristine HD images and just perfection in general. And my last collection was all about retrofuturism and combining the past and future. IRL, I’m inspired by the same ideas but in different ways; it could be an abstract sculpture in a museum or a shoegaze song. People and things that go against the norm inspire me. All of this translates into my designs somehow, whether it’s designing something asymmetrical or using a weird/unexpected textile.

What’s the best thing you’ve found on Tumblr? they post the coolest images of 1980s postmodern interiors/architecture. It's one of my favorite blogs. 

What’s the worst thing you’ve found on Tumblr?
Blogs that have music automatically playing when you go on them.
Also, this Versace ad (But really though, worst or best??? You decide.)

What would you like to find on Tumblr?
I'd like to follow more people who post original work, which is why I think it's awesome that Dazed is highlighting blogs that do!