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Don't know where you can fly your drone? This map's for you

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have become increasingly popular – but nobody knows where you can fly them

Personal drones are becoming extremely popular – hey, they're even being used to patrol national borders – but as you might expect with anything that you launch into the air and fly around unmanned, there are restrictions as to where you can fly them.

The problem is, nobody actually knows where you can actually fly your unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Earlier this month, a man called David Beesner was arrested by the NYPD for flying his drone outside the examination room windows of a medical facility (fair enough, that's pretty creepy) and two men were arrested and charged for reckless endangerment at the beginning of July for flying their personal drone near the George Washington Bridge, around 800ft away from a police helicopter. 

Thankfully, a designer called Bobby Sudekum has stepped up to eradicate any confusion – he's designed an interactive map that shows you exactly where you aren't allowed to fly your drone. Definite no-gos are US national parks, major airports and military bases. Anyone can add to the map with their no-drone area information, so if you know a place that's out of bounds then add it in.

Unfortunately, the map is only applicable for American residents. But if you want to fly your fancy toy in US airspace, you might want to check out the map here to see exactly where you can't go droning.

(h/t Animal New York)