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Meet Mixxxer, Tinder's X-rated sibling

Tired of getting friendzoned on Tinder? Mixxxer cuts any confusion and head straight for the bedroom

When Tinder first launched, there was confusion as to whether it was a tool for people who wanted to get off as a matter of urgency, or a method for falling in love in a digital age.

Tinder has probably turned out to be useful for both desires but may have led to frustration for those users who want sex without having to go for a drink, then maybe another drink, before getting any action.

Mixxxer, Tinder's dirtier, more straight-talking sibling, does away with any confusion by just being a fucking app, pure and simple. Developer Michael Manes told the Daily Dot: “Our idea was to create something with a much clearer purpose, where you’re looking for one thing and one thing only.”

Unlike Tinder and other dating sites, Mixxxer allows users to send sexually explicit images to each other and the messaging on their website is completely upfront about app's purpose. "There is no dating here," it says. "Find a nearby match and get laid in London tonight!"

The app has its own nuances that set it apart from other dating services. Mixxxer's GPS function is restrictive – you can only see potential bedpost notches within a 1 mile radius, meaning that you're not likely to be completely spoilt for choice and you're perhaps more likely to meet in person.

Also, for those unwilling to fully commit to nude shots, you can use a "shower door" function to blur your naked bod. Like Tinder, the sex of users is split unevenly, with Mixxxer reporting that there are 65% men compared with 35% women. So... Good luck, guys! 

The Apple and iOS online shops don't have it available (and most likely never will), but if you're looking for action head to Mixxxer's website to sign up.