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Your best film Tumblrs

From shorts to film still diaries and penguin animations, we profile our favourite reader-submitted US film Tumblrs

We spent the last week on Dazed unpicking the State of Film in the great US of A for our summer-long States of Independence project, featuring guest edits from SXSW, Tribeca, and the Roman Coppola-founded Directors Bureau.

Over on the Dazed Tumblr we’ve been handpicking short films, animations and the stills of movie-obsessives from Tumblrs submitted by readers – plus ones suggested by Tumblr themselves. From surreal visual ‘mixtapes’ of nurses and their patients, to the cute-as-hell penguin bouncing on a trampoline GIF, check out our pick of your State of Film Tumblrs below.

(It's State of Literature this week on Dazed, submit your lit themed Tumblrs here.)

Amid snapshots of locations, beautifully banal diner scenes and road trip routes pinned across maps of the US, Anton du Preez drops his own short videos on his Tumblr – from sweet 15-second collage clips to this 6 minute mini-film taking us inside a mansion through the eyes of a curious intruder.

New York and Cape Town 

Tell us about the short film (above) we selected for Tumblr of the day – how and why did you create it?
While in Cape Town once I sent an email to the owner of the most expensive house in South Africa and asked to do a documentary about it, as there was a lot of mystery surrounding it at the time. About six minutes after sending the email we met up in person and he gave me permission to do the documentary on two conditions, I never mention his name and I make a promotional film about the house. This is how it all happened. 

What inspires you – online and offline?
Recently I got pulled into a currency investment ring at the park by a couple of chess players; the whole experience was really inspiring and life changing. Seeing good work online is always extremely inspiring. 

How do you use Tumblr and why is it important to you?
Tumblr is great for image references, especially when people tag their photos. You can find very specific photos that are not your typical stock images. It's also great to archive all your work. 

What’s the best thing you’ve found on Tumblr? 

What’s the worst thing you’ve found on Tumblr? 

What would you like to find on Tumblr?

Scanned old negatives, tagged and labeled – from old holiday photos to family reunions from the past.

Fin de Cinema is a daily diary of stills from cult, obscure and foreign films, often several at a time. Pinpointing exact turning point moments in a narrative, or blink-and-you'll-miss-it character expressions, Joe Bowman's Tumblr is a tick list for movie obsessives.

I just moved to Chicago from San Francisco

What’s the story behind your Tumblr – why do you post all these film stills?
It's really nothing more than an unusual hobby of mine. In some ways, it's kind of like a film diary, but it's hardly a comprehensive one, as I don't always have access to stills for films I see in the theatre. I just like how a single still frame from a motion picture can tell a story of its own.

What criteria must a film fulfill to feature on your Tumblr?
To be featured on my Tumblr, there's no real criteria. One might assume that I'm posting photos from films I love, but in fact, I actively dislike quite a few films I've featured. So really, it just has to be a film I'm watching that has an image I feel is worth posting. 

What’s been your favourite so far?
Though I tend to stay away from posting collages these days, my favorite is probably the series of photos I posted together of Isabelle Huppert's hair in White Material.

What’s the best thing you’ve found on Tumblr?
Childhood photos of famous people, notably Chloë Sevigny and Béatrice Dalle.

What’s the worst thing you’ve found on Tumblr?
Any post that includes multiple GIFs

What would you like to find on Tumblr?
I'll know it when I find it.

Using her Tumblr as a platform and open-source critic for her own work, Jenny Plante shares her art-led, loose-narrative films – including this unnerving visual mixtape.

Somerville, Massachusetts

Tell us about the short film (above) we selected for Tumblr of the day – how and why did you create it? 
It’s called "The Second Nurse," and is a visual mixtape featuring a nurse, her mysterious patient and a stranger. I was moved to want to create the film after stumbling across Richard Prince's Nurses painting series online. I liked the idea of appropriating the appropriator.

What inspires you – online and offline?
My current video project is about European film actresses from the 60s and 70s participating in a forest marathon, so I've been looking online at a lot of Bardot-type video make up tutorials, Criterion Collection's Tumblr, and really loving the eclectic taste of Grimes. Offline I always look to The Believer Magazine, listening to U.S. Girls and the movies, of course.

How do you use Tumblr and why is it important to you?
I look at Tumblr everyday as a sort of massive mood board. I get inspiration for costumes, story concepts, nail art, music scores, lighting ideas…everything.

What’s the best thing you’ve found on Tumblr?
Anything relating to Lana Del Rey.

What’s the worst thing you’ve found on Tumblr?
Haven't found it yet.

What would you like to find on Tumblr?
I'd like to find some new collaborators on Tumblr. That would be great.


Under the State of Film brief comes animation, and on Tumblr this invariably means the easily re-bloggable GIF. Al Boardman is a motion graphics designer, and uses to share his experiments, personal projects and branded work – all in a neat, paintbox-perfect finish.

From England, live in Chicago

Tell us about the piece we selected as Tumblr of the Day – how did you create it and what inspired it?
Penguin on a trampoline was an exploration of animation principles. It started out as a bouncing line, which I thought looked a bit like a trampoline. Adding a penguin to it was the most unlikely object I could think of at the time, no doubt inspired by the Chicago winter!

What inspires you – online and offline?
Offline: I am constantly inspired by architecture, right down to street level, Art Deco lobbies and elevator doors. I love the outdoors too, nature and wild places, being surrounded by mountains, lakes and rivers. Online: a well-crafted motion graphics project on Vimeo or a stunning GIF on Tumblr always inspires me.

What’s the best thing you’ve found on Tumblr?
There’s so much great stuff on Tumblr, that’s really tough. I greatly admire the work of Skip Dolphin Hursh and Cindy Suen and anything by Robin Davey is fantastic, I particularly love this.

What’s the worst thing you’ve found on Tumblr?
I wish I could un-see it. It keeps me awake at night!

What would you like to find on Tumblr?
I would love to see more brands using GIFs creatively and exploring other possibilities with micro-content.