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RomePaolo Simi

This summer, we fell in love with football and each other

Hook up apps Tinder and Grindr reported a 50% leap in usage during the tournament: to celebrate, here are our photos of people in love

The tournament in Brazil was glorious for many reasons – underdogs proved more than adequate competition for established nations, viewing figures around the world went through the roof, beautiful, attacking football got played, heroic goalkeepers rewrote scripts, incredible goals were scored and also, supporters fell in love.

Smartphone hook up apps such as Tinder and Grindr reported growths in usage of up to 50% over the duration of the tournament as football fans drunk in love (and probably booze), celebrated the world's biggest sporting event with some modern matchmaking of their own. Basically, love was trending.

Dazed photographers have been all over the world for the duration of the tournament capturing the elation, the despair, the highs and the lows. Any emotion felt, we saw it and fed it back into our Fever Pitch gallery, an unrivalled collection of images that demonstrate just how much the beautiful game means to the world.

In celebration of one of the best tournaments that we've ever seen, take a look at our gallery of football supporters lost in the throes of passion.