Watch world history as you've never seen it before – in GIFs

Imgur has teamed up with the Digital Public Library Archives to curate a unique look at historic events like World War II

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Does the history of your GIF repertoire extend as far back as RuPaul's Drag Race series one? Thanks to Imgur and the Digital Public Library Archives (DPLA), you can now look further back in time for your animated image file of choice.

Inspired by the historical images often make the frontpage of Imgur all the time, Imgur has collaborated with the DPLA to create the Summer of Archives, an experimental gallery that will run through August. It'll be the first time that many of these images are seen by the public, especially in GIF form – the DPLA draws its historic online-only library of millions of photographs, sounds and moving images from public institutions such as the New York Public Library and the Smithsonian.

All through summer, the DPLA be digging deep into their archives to post GIFs and images from through the ages. The first gallery is a collection of GIFs made from historical WWII footage. Check out footage from bygone years presented in a modern format below. Head to the Summer of Archives to keep tabs on new images: 

Takarazuka Ballet (1945) - Imgur
Takarazuka Ballet (1945)
US Army pilots (1943) - Imgur
US Army pilots (1943)
Bread for the Front (1942) - Imgur
Bread for the Front (1942)
Know your flamethrower fuels! - Imgur
Know your flamethrower fuels!
US Coast Guard officer on lookout (1944) - Imgur
US Coast Guard officer on lookout (1944)
Raiding German supply convoys
Beach scene from captured Japanese footage (1945)
Beach scene from captured Japanese footage (1945)
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