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New ad encourages Londoners to ‘share the road’

Charles Saatchi's former ad agency pleads with Londoners to curb their rage on the streets in a poetic attempt to calm the city down

M&C Saatchi has made a poetic short film about road rage on London's streets. As anybody who lives in London knows, the roads are dominated by arguments between cyclists, motorists and pedestrians. Not a day goes by when we don't see a heated disagreement between strangers. Maybe we're all actually unhappy in the city of dreams?

Released by TFL, Share The Road is a minute long film that pleads for calm on London's crowded roads. Shot in black and white, the film follows one woman who makes her way through the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, surrounded by arguments and fractious interactions.

The black and white film, shot by Yann Demange for Transport for London and soundtracked by haunting strings, encourages the people of this city to relax and "forget these minor indiscretions".

This author cycles through London on a daily basis and each time without fail he'll see a serious argument. Last week, there was a driver who, enraged by a cyclist's goading at traffic lights, followed him and tried to knock him off his bike. Or just this morning, a pedestrian enraged by a cyclist who had skipped a light, threatening "to fucking kill him". Sometimes it seems that in this huge, overcrowded city, people are ready to take out their frustrations on whoever is nearest and has committed any indiscretion, no matter how minor.

Maybe we need to follow the ad's advice and "let go and leave it all behind".

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