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"Passion"Lianne Milton

What does football mean to you? In foam, please

Dazed photographers are all over the world right now capturing the other side of the game. We asked football devotees to tell us what the sport means to them using ‘vanishing spray’

This wonderful tournament has been notable for many things: the incredible amount of goals, beautiful attacking football, a pathetic performance from the English, a Uruguayan vampire, the implementation of goalline technology and the introduction of "vanishing spray", a foam used by referees to mark out the correct point of infringement and ensure that players don't illegally encroach on opponents during a dead ball.

The spray has proved to be a resounding success and has emerged as one of the stars of the tournament. It got us thinking – let's take the foam off the pitch and use it for art's sake. We asked football obsessives "what does football mean to you?" and asked them to write down their answers using the referees vanishing spray.

The spray was made in 2002 by an Argentinian called Pablo Silva. It made its debut in the 2011 Copa America and has proved a success in South American leagues, but it reached the zenith of its potential when it started being used by referees this summer and piqued global interest. What is it? Who made it? How come we didn't think of it before?

Here, we look at it being used outside the stadiums, on the streets and in the homes of football obsessives with a message to send.

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