The Silent Conversation

Push bike gangs, transvestites and female police officers: on the streets of Lahore and face to face with its wild youth

As well as visualising the feel of garments and textiles and the importance of clothes-making in Pakistan, director William Williamson emphasises the relation between clothing and Pakistan’s strong traditions - traditions that are also being broken. In a country where people are standing up more and more against harsh social mores that ask for countless restrictions, fashion becomes more than a means to dress up and look nice. As shown through the examples of female police women and transvestites in the film, fashion is used as a tool to express authority, individuality and boldness.

The Silent Conversation is commissioned and supported by the British Council, who initiated this production as part of Alchemy 2014 at Southbank Centre, a festival exploring Indian and South Asian culture. The film was presented as part of a showcase of emerging and alternative Pakistani designers.

More information about the British Council’s projects can be found on their blog.

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