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Mona Lisa emoji, anyone?via

Here's what those 250 new emoji will look like

Thanks to the Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended emoji, you'll finally be able to flip the bird

You've probably heard the news that hundreds of new emoji will soon be migrating onto your mobile phone keyboard this week. Now, the shadowy emoji powers-that-be (read: the Unicode Consortium) has published a list that shows what they'll actually look like. 

The chart illustrates the 250 new additions to version 7.0 of the Unicode Standard, which includes the much-coveted Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended emoji as well as other more prosaic pictograms like Bed emoji or Chipmunk emoji. For reasons unknown, there will also be a Fax Icon. Note: despite calls for more ethnically diverse emoji, there will not be a Beyoncé emoji.

You can see all the new characters on this list – they're highlighted in yellow. There's a reason why they look more like MS-DOS Wingdings than real emoji – as the Independent explains, Unicode is an industry standards body that ensures text is rendered consistently and read by all computer software in the same way.

While Unicode determines the emoji keyboard, it's up to individual companies like Apple to artistically depict the emoji as they see fit. It's the reason why emojis appear differently on Twitter and in text messages (you can see different interpretations of emoji here). So while companies decide just how the Middle Finger emoji will look, you'll have to settle for typing "fuck you" in plain old alphabetical text.