A photo report from the city in the middle of the Amazon

Manaus is the capital of the state of Amazonas, the city where England lost their opening match – Dazed photographer Pedro Bayeux is there

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Pedro Bayeux - manaus - 16_06 30
A Manaus teenager registers his frustration on a dusty inner city pitch Pedro Bayeux

Dazed is currently all over the world on football's frontline, capturing incredible images that showcase the other side of the game, and let you see the tournament from a different perspective. This photo diary sees us travel to Manaus, the suffocatingly humid capital city of the Amazonas and host to England's opening game, a painful 2-1 defeat against Italy. Check our Fever Pitch page for an exclusive look at what's happening around this football obssessed world and look here for our favourite images from the city in the jungle.

pedro bayeux - manaus - way to the stadium
England fans in short suits head for the stadium while a child looks straight into the eye of our photographer Pedro Bayeux
pedro bayeux - manaus - 16_06 12
A mother, father and son sit together on their house boat watching the football on a tiny television while Brazilian flags decorate the landscape Pedro Bayeux
Pedro Bayeux - manaus - 16_06 38
A weary Brazil fan pushes his belongings through the Manaus streets wearing a replica Robinho shirt Pedro Bayeux
pedro bayeux - manaus - slum in front of stadium
A boy gazes into the sky from him shanty shack while his sister waves the Brazilian flag Pedro Bayeux

Check Dazed Digital for our daily photo feed from each city and #dazedfeverpitch on Twitter to see the world’s greatest spectacle from an entirely different perspective.

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