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Patrick Stewart and Joel Lunenfeld in Twitter's first dronie

Drone selfies take to the sky with Patrick Stewart

Want to achieve that impossibly out-of-reach selfie? Let me take a #dronie

We’ve all been there. In front of the Taj Mahal, FROW at the Oscars or at the Matisse cut-outs exhibition: prime moments for selfie taking, but with a desired scope that is impossibly out-of-arm’s-reach. Well, now you can dream the impossible dream – meet the Dronie, Twitter's own self-snapping drone device. 

The Dronie has hit the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity this week and is self-promoting like no other unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has before. Equipped with a camera mount, the device publishes flying selfies to Vine and Twitter. First up, Patrick Stewart and Twitter VP of Brand Strategy Joel Lunenfeld:

The zoom-out mode of the sky selfie isn’t so unusual – the videos reminds us of a slicker version of overhead camera shots at music festivals – but the clear drone categorisation would suggest that the devices might be slowly losing their negative associations in the public's eyes. The use of drones in war are one thing, but the arrival of the Dronie – complete with hashtag – brings drones as leisure pastime closer to the average person than ever before. 

And for those who can’t get their hands on a Dronie just yet? There’s always Travel by Drone, a new website that gives you a drone’s-eye-view in real time. Mapping YouTube drone videos around the world, you can be flying over Sao Paulo one minute, and New York the next.