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Want to make your own Toy Story?

Calling all wannabe animators: Pixar are giving away their award-winning software Renderman

Who doesn't love Pixar films? You don't have to be a Paul Weller level fan (he recently admitted to watching Toy Story 3 three hundred times) to appreciate that the animation studio are producing some of the finest pieces of cinema in recent memory, Toy Story included. And if you've ever wanted to join the Pixar ranks, now you can: the studio are giving away Renderman, the award-winning software they used to make Wall-ECars and of course, the most famous desk lamp in the world.

Renderman is Pixar's own 3D rendering programme, which they developed in-house. It's since won Oscars for "significant advancements to the field of motion picture rendering", which was the first time that developers had received awards from the Academy.

Normally the programme costs £350, but you can register here to download once it becomes available. Caveat: Pixar have inserted a sneaky disclaimer into the registration ensuring that you don't use the program for commercial use. And be aware that you might have to get yourself a new computer – rendering animation notoriously takes FOREVER, but it'll be worth it once you've made your own Oscar-winning animation.

Watch the Pixar short film Day and Night below, and get an idea of the standards you need to meet: