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Is east London dead or just unhappy?Theo-Mass Lexileictous

East London is the unhappiest place in Britain

Every one of the top ten unhappiest places is occupied by London, according to a survey of 50,000 Brits

Is east London dead? Or is it just a really godawful place to live? You might think the unhappiest place in Britain would be a post-industrial mining town or a crap one-pub village, but no; according to a survey of nearly 50,000 people across the country, it's the capital's hipster central. 

The results also show that people tend to be happier up north than they are down south, with Harrogate in Yorkshire ranked as the happiest place in the country. Every single ranking in the top ten unhappiest places to live in, on the other hand, are occupied by London, with east London taking the top spot.

Ilford, Croydon, east-central London (which includes Shoreditch and parts of the City) and Twickenham take up the rest of the top five.   

The survey, commissioned by property website Rightmove, asked respondents questions such as how safe they feel in their community, how proud they are of their home, whether they have enough living space and how friendly the neighbours are. East London came at the bottom of the survey for neighbourliness. 

South Londoners shouldn't get too smug – southeast London (which includes Peckham and New Cross) is ranked ninth unhappiest. Well done, guys. Let's all hold hands and have a good cry. 

Are you unhappy? Miserable? Thinking of ending it all? Or do you just live in south London? Let us know in the comments below.