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Watch this real-time emoji map of the world

The Silicon Feelings web app tracks what the Earth's population feels, one emoji at a time

Ever wondered if other people love the kissy face emoji as much as you do? Or which country in the world really loves the dancing lady emoji? Thanks to Silicon Feelings, you can find out. The web app from Dallas developer Bradley Griffiths tracks real-time usage of emoji tweeted by people all over the world, plotting them onto a spinning 3D image of the globe. 

You don't see the actual tweet – instead, all you get to see is the emoji itself as it blinks in and out of existence. It's a hypnotic, fleeting glimpse into the emotional state of people the world over. Griffiths uses Emoji Tracker to figure out the most popular emoji being used all over the world and only uses tweets with geolocation data to locate where the emoji is coming from. 

"With Silicon Feelings I wanted to present a sort of silent observation of the stories we can’t know, even as we align ourselves further under technology," Griffith told PSFK. "There is something to be said for the limits presented by caricatured representations of human emotions, but for me, emoji represent an important early step in the direction of tearing down our language barriers."