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FFS – The Game is doing an album with Ed Sheeran

The rapper is teaming up with the pop hobbit for an album that's expected to drop late 2014

Friday was going exactly as planned – until we found out that Ed Sheeran is doing an album with The Game. This is one of the most awkward collaborations we can think of – how did these two get together and what the hell will it sound like? We'd wager not great.

The duo hooked up on Twitter after Sheeran professed his love online for The Game's album Jesus Piece. They started DMing, one thing led to another and then hey presto, they told the world that they were going to make a double CD. That's some serious collaborating – perhaps too much?

The Game was signed by Dr.Dre in 2005 and has since made five albums, but it was his 2012 record Jesus Piece that caught Ed's attention. Speaking to MTV News, The Game said "I’m working on a joint album with Ed Sheeran that we're trying to drop probably end of the year, beginning of 2015. That is gonna be crazy. We were just planning to record one song; we ended up doing like seven.”

We've got a feeling that this might turn out a bit like the time that Jack White and Insane Clown Posse got together to cover a Mozart song or Miley hooked up with Snoop Lion on a track. But it has to be said, not all unusual musical matchups go badly – Kanye and Bon Iver successfully worked together on "Lost In The World" from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, so there's hope for Ed and Game yet.

The Game's got history with successful collaborations too – Jesus Piece does feature "See No Evil", a brilliant track featuring Kendrick Lamar, who steals the show with his idiosyncratic rhyming. Listen below: