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Twerkin' 9-5via / Jezebel

Three women arrested after twerking outside Oregon City Hall

The trio also landed behind bars for exposing their genitals and possession of drugs, including meth they didn't realise was meth

Three women, Coura ValazquezBrittany Medak and Leokham Yothsombath, have been arrested for twerking outside City Hall in the aptly named Beaverton, Oregon. At about 3.30p.m – you know THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY, Medak and Valazquez were spotted by city hall officials twerking and urinating between police vehicles, while Yothsombath took care of filming the entire spectacle.

They were apprehended by officers of the law, who discovered them to be in possession of drugs, including cocaine, weed and meth. However, a now deleted post on Valazquez's page claims that they had mistakenly bought MDMA cut with meth and Valazquez appeared to reaffirm it on Twitter. Someone's messing with your molly girls, be careful.

According to KPTV, the cops found all the drugs in their car once they'd arrested them for their twerking/urinating exploits. They were charged with multiple offenses, including disorderly conduct, offensive littering, drug possession and tampering with drug records. Check out the KPTV news report below.

Whatever anyone says ladies, we'd love to come and party with you.