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God, the Easter Bunny's gone a bit weird this yearscreenshot via WRIC News

Happy Easter! Here's a white supremacist chocolate egg

Parents on an Easter egg hunt in Virginia, US were horrified to find racist messages inside eggs

Racism doesn't take bank holidays; at least not in Virginia, USA. Over the weekend, parents and their children in Henrico Country were enjoying an Easter egg hunt when one parent noticed an egg that hadn't been left out by them. They picked it up and opened it. Inside the egg was a message that read "DIVERSITY = WHITE GENOCIDE".

Another note read, "Mass immigration and forced assimilation of non-whites into our lands is genocide." I know the saying "it's good to get them young", but maybe white supremacists haven't considered the idea that the messages may be a little esoteric for 3 year–olds.

Residents went on to find several eggs scattered through their area, with some even combing the neighbourhood to remove other eggs before more children saw them.

"It's disturbing knowing my son is walking around the yard a lot and finding that," one parent, Brandon Smith, told WRIC News. "It’s something he may find and have questions about that not necessarily at his age I want to explain to him. That there are people in this world who don't think everyone is equal."

"We don't want other kids around here who can read being like, 'Hey mommy what's the million man white march or what's the genocide project?'" said Jackie Smith, his wife. 

The White Man March that Smith is referring to, BTW, was a worldwide march of white guys who are really concerned about diversity killing the white race. Unfortunately, only a few small groups in three US states participated. They included this delightful man in a red argyle jumper with matching beret.

This isn't the first time that Virginia has suffered at the hands of racist, guerilla marketing campaigns in recent months. Just over a month ago, thousands of KKK fliers were delivered to the home of Virginia residents. The fliers preached the "preservation of the white race and the Constitution as it was originally written." Yawn.

So far, neither the White Man March or the KKK has yet to own up to the racist Easter eggs, although Henrico police say they could press littering charges against any culprits.