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Goodbye productivity... the Dazed 2048 game

Play 2048 with the most iconic Dazed covers

We made our own themed version of the addictive online game, because why not?

Like everyone else on the planet, you've probably played 2048, the maddeningly addictive online game, or some version of it. Built by a 19-year-old Italian programmer called Gabriele Cirulli, the open-source game has inspired every single variation you can think, from Justin Bieber themed ones to a doge version.

After one of our editors lost an entire afternoon cursing and screaming at the game, we decided to build our own take, featuring 11 iconic Dazed covers including Milla Jovovich, Eminem, Azealia Banks, Gareth Pugh and Grimes. So now, you can destroy your workplace productivity while looking at our great cover stories.  

Just be grateful this isn't Flappy Bird. Enjoy!