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The second Music Nation episode explores hedonism in the home counties and airs tonight on Channel 4

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Partizan director Tabitha Denholm helms the second episode of our Music Nation series with Channel 4. She heads out to the home counties for the definitive documentary on the music of the Balearic Islands... As interpreted by Berkshire ravers. Incorporating archive footage and first person accounts from the movers and shakers of iconic clubs like Shoom, Berkshire Goes Balearic airs tonight (April 9) at 12.05am on Channel 4. Below the cut, Denholm explains the enduring fascination with Balearic.

Dazed Digital: For anyone who doesn't know what Balearic is, can you explain?

Tabitha Denholm: Well, that is a hotly debated topic that could have many answers, ranging from a free-spirited approach to music that mixed genres and was inspired by what was happening in Ibiza in the mid to late 80s, to the contents of DJ Alfredo's record bag at that time. But increasingly it has come to mean music with a blissed-out island kind of feel. It's tricky to put your finger on, which is part of the fun.

DD: When did you first hear of Balearic music? And what's the crossover with this and acid house?

Tabitha Denholm: Acid house is a type of music invented in Chicago that was part of that scene and eventually eclipsed it... But we didn't really think of it like that when we were going out. You were more aware of the spirit of the places rather than a sound.

DD: Why did it take off in Berkshire, of all places?

Tabitha Denholm: It was because we had some charismatic faces leading the charge, plus we were close enough to London to be hooked in but we didn't have an established scene the way London did with its rare groove thing. So the kids were excited to have something that felt like their own. Plus in a weird way, it kind of fit aesthetically.

DD: What's the enduring attraction of Balearic?

Tabitha Denholm: Freedom and fun.

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