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Migos involved in highway gun battle

This morning the Atlanta rap group were caught up in a highway shootout

Earlier this morning the rap group Migos were embroiled in a highway gun battle in Miami-Dade County. According to reports, the group and their entourage were riding in their van, when another vehicle pulled up alongside them and opened fire. One member of Migos was rumoured to have been shot in the leg, but their manager moved to deny those reports.

According to a Florida Highway Patrol officer, “they were supposed to be performing at Cafe Iguanas in Broward and apparently for whatever reason there was an altercation or disagreement with management and they didn’t perform, so as they were driving southbound on I-95, according to the witnesses in the van, a dark vehicle pulled along side them and opened fire. A member of the group was in possession of his personal handgun and he returned fire. In the exchange of gunfire, one of the passengers in the van was struck in the leg."

Their manager told TMZ that Migos did return fire – "There was at least 40 rounds being blasted on those niggas", he said. He also told them that the driver took the van to hospital, assuming that someone must be injured, but nobody was hurt. The van that the group were travelling in has been confiscated by police and is being analysed as part of the investigation into the incident. There seems to be no indication at the moment of what the motives were for the attack, or who the perpetrators were.

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