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We're gonna need three more planets by 2050

Chief NASA scientist warns our current way of life is unsustainable and we need to find more planets

Dennis Bushell, chief scientist at the NASA Langley Research Center, has warned the world that "the entire ecosystem is crashing. Essentially there's too many of us. We’ve been far too successful as the human animal. People allege we’re short 40 to 50 percent of a planet now. As the Asians and their billions come up to our living systems, we’re going to need three more planets."

Bushell was speaking on Thursday at the State Of The Future conference, a get-together of brainiacs that seeks to work out exactly how we can all stay alive. Putting aside Bushell's dubious phrasing of "Asians and their billions" (of what, people? Pets?), the state of the future isn't all that great apparently. Terraforming Mars is an option, sure, but honestly, WHERE ARE WE ALL GONNA GO?

If you want to face your impending death head-on, as well as the fact that your children are going to be born into environmental oblivion and your grandchildren might have to live on a different planet, then listen to those scientists deliver the news extremely calmly. You know, the way people talk when they know they're right.

Bushell didn't say that we'd absolutely have to move planets, just that we need to reduce our rate of consumption and carefully consider the way that we use the planet. So seeing as there's absolutely no chance of that happening, I'll see you at the shuttle check-in in 2050 – when we're all beating the shit out of other for a chance to get on a rocket that'll send us to live on a freezing cold asteroid.