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Frank Ocean writes cheque and tells Chipotle to ‘fuck off’

The R&B star was not very zen about being asked to pay $212,000 to the burrito chain

Frank Ocean has delivered an emphatic message on his cheque to Chipotle, after the chain of Mexican restaurants slapped him with a lawsuit when he failed to appear in their animated advert

He added the words "FUCK OFF" to the $212,500 cheque he sent to Chipotle, and later posted a picture of it on his Tumblr

Ocean was set to record a cover of "Pure Imagination", the theme song from Willy Wonka, but wasn't too happy about what he considered to be overzealous branding in the ad. Unsurprisingly, Chipotle wanted their logo in the commercial – something the star wasn't prepared to accept. He pulled out, claiming that "he had final say over the recording and all promotional materials." Chipotle later tapped Fiona Apple to record the track instead. 

The singer is no stranger to the legal battle, after having been involved in a ping-pong game of suits and countersuits with knuckledusting lothario Chris Brown last year.

The cheque doesn't really strike us as a particularly bold 'Fuck The Man' statement, TBH. Man agrees to take part in corporation's advert, decides he doesn't want to, corporation decide that they want him to return the advance money back they paid him in. Kinda fair enough, really.

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