Say hello to the Facebook drone

The social network intends to buy Titan Aerospace, which would supply them with 11,000 eyes in the sky

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Amazon freaked everyone out late last year when they released a promo video of their prospective delivery drone service, a frightening futuristic vision of what our skies might look like as early as 2015.

But Amazon aren't the only ones - Facebook wants in too. According to a report in TechCrunch, Facebook is considering buying Titan Aerospace, manufacturers of solar-powered, unmanned aircraft, in order to deliver internet access to the corners of the world that currently don't have it.

If the deal goes through then Titan will build 11,000 drones to provide internet to Africa first, as Facebook targets the developing countries that are catching up to the online world.

The prospected takeover is in harmony with, a project that aims to bring internet access to the two thirds of the world that are still without it.

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