The art of football

Six of the hottest street artists rough up famous footballers in the name of Pepsi Max

“It's all about taking it to the next level,” shouts cheeky London illustrator Hattie Stewart over a thundering house beat. Like six other street artists up on ladders in this west London studio, Stewart is shaping an original work as part of a 12-hour “creation event”. From a Danny Clinch image of a world-renowned footballer, the artists are reimagining Pepsi’s new campaign. “Being an illustrator I rarely get to work on this scale, which is something I've always wanted to do with my 'doodle-bombing',” she muses.

The other five artists are “doodle-bombing” in their own ways, giving these brawny subjects a tricolour Pepsi treatment. “It was a couple of months working with different sketches, different details,” explains Jaz, who was one of Argentina’s first graffiti artists when he started in the 90s. “When you paint a wall, a lot of the cases are you don’t know the specific place until the time you are there, so I try to be really open to the environment. It took almost two months, so it was a long process.” Two months of prep for one single day? Sounds tiring. “I like to be tired when I finish the paint,” laughs Jaz. “I feel sometimes it’s a kind of sport.”

Watch a time lapse video above – from birth to conception – of all six of these street meets sport art clashes.