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Alchemy 2.0

Discover your psychic potential with a webinar and find out what links yoga to alchemy

Does everybody possess psychic potential? Can anyone, even the parapsychologists, even define what "psi" really is? In this essay, David Metcalfe takes on the skeptic criticism of psi phenomena, focusing on the intangible notion of the "Self," and the roots of the elusive term "psychic." See, re-experience and re-articulate your romantic history as your unique “heroic journey” as described by Joseph Campbell. Join Adam Gilad for the live, interactive video course, "Your Hero's Journey into Love: From Chaos to Spiritual Adventure." This 5-part session starts February 25. 

Yoga and alchemy are, at their very core, the unification of opposites. In this article, Maja D'Aoust expounds upon the underlying philosophies of Indian alchemy and yoga, and the contrast between Indian and European alchemy. 

Dr. Jim Carpenter found parapsychology in the late 50s, when segregation was still a dominating force in American society. In this essay, he writes about how racial segregation juxtaposed his personal experience with the divide between psychology and parapsychology, a parallel that only dawned on him many years later. 

British environmentalist Tony Juniper recognizes the economic value of everything nature does for us, and writes about how we might rethink about our planet and the economy in his new book, "What Has Nature Ever Done for Us?" We published the prologue from Juniper's book, which covers Biosphere 2, an ambitious goal that ended up with the first ever humans to live in a manmade biosphere. 

Neurology researcher David Goodman has been researching internally generated rhythms by recording his own and others' dreams for the past thirty years. Media theorist Douglas Rushkoff interviews Goodman about his research and the idea of "rhythmicity," or the inner cycles and periodicities that make up everything about who we are. 

Last June, we launched a Kickstarter so that we could give Reality Sandwich a much needed transformation. We're now excited to announce the launch of the new site: Reality Sandwich 2.0.

Alongside our longform essays, RS 2.0 features a stream of consciousness news that's updated around the clock, making RS a hub for all news within the transformational scene. Community members also post links and blogs. Dig in!