Rob Ford the movie

The crack-smoking mayor's woebegone tales have come to a head in a Chris Farley supercut trailer

The plug may have been pulled on Toronto mayor Rob Ford's one-episode reality show (gone too soon?), but the crack-smoking, "enough-to-eat-at-home" mayor hasn't endured enough air time, as filmmaker Tristan Gough has put together a supercut of Chris Farley clips for Rob Ford the movie, a hilarious tour of Farley's best with snippets from Tommy Boy and Black Sheep, which oddly mirror the rise and fall of the bumbling mayor. Ford was recently stripped of all but ribbon-cutting power in an emergency city council meeting, where things got heated and one city council woman was barely spared a hospital visit as Ford threw his weight around, almost knocking her over.

The comparisons to Chris Farley – which most likely reached their apex during the tumultuous, doorside press conferences Ford has given, his hairless mug stuck in front of international cameras – are finally ready for their full feature debut. One scene from Farley's Black Sheep twin Ford's illegal drug shenanigans, as the character Harold describes Farley: "He must be all hopped up on crack cocaine!"

“Harold: [as he and 'Mother' drive off with Mike's tie caught in their trunk, pulling Mike along] He must be all hopped up on crack cocaine!” – Black Sheep

Refusing to apologize, Ford has a laundry list of people he intends on suing. "I've admitted my mistakes," Ford has said. "I'm not going to sit here and go on and on and on." And on and on he could go, but this one-man reality show is finally hitting the internet silver screen, and we can't help but think it wouldn't be too different from the trailer above.