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Playmate involuntarily saves me from death

Dark Arts After Dark: When A Stranger Calls

Stories around campfires that may or may not be true, tall tales of the tragic and weird. We've heard them all before, but not like this. In the lead up to Halloween, we have handpicked the most unsettling short works culled from the depths of Reddit's "Let's Not Meet" section – where Reddit users post their true stories of creepy encounters – stories of being stalked, creeped, or encountering a creepy individual. We will be publishing one daily as part of our #darkarts after dark series, which will celebrate the dark and disturbed after 8pm GMT. This very true story has been published with the permssion of the author. The original post can be found here.

It was summer in 2001, I was just a 7 year old kid with long black hair down my lower back. One morning, my mom rushed to work and I woke up alone in the bedroom. My nanny at the time was cooking breakfast and I didn't bother to ask where my mom was, because it was clear she was busy due to her holding a spatula in her left hand and the landline phone in her right. As I said it was morning, so as a Filipino kid, I would wait for the Taho vendor to pass by. Taho is a Philippine food made of fresh soft tofu, sweetener and tapioca pearls. 

Anyway, I was waiting for the vendor on our front porch when I saw a playmate of mine. Of course, I ran outside to meet her so we could play on our subdivision's court. We played for almost an hour and a half when I saw my mom running towards me, hugging me and crying. I was dumbfounded, I never asked why. My mom carried me home only to find out that our nanny had been killed. Apparently, the one she was talking to on the phone earlier was the suspect. The modus is that the caller would convince the victim (usually maids, nannies and kids), that someone had died. The caller convinced my nanny that my mom had had an accident and that she should go there to get her or just give our address. Then the suspect would sneak into the house and rob things.

My nanny never left, she just gave the address.

According to the police report, which I found out when I was older, there was a crime wave in our neighbourhood. Apparently, if you had given your address and they found you inside the house they're going to rob, they'd kill you.

Thank God for my friend who passed by because if it wasn't for her, guess I wouldn't be sharing this to all of you.