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Jay Bing
Jay Bing, as selected by publisher Bruno CeshelJay Bing

The 89plus scrapbook

Dive into the mind of Generation #YoungerThanRihanna with our visual guide

1989: the Berlin Wall fell, Reagan left office, students protested in Tiananmen Square, and Tim Berners Lee pretty much changed the future of human communication when he switched on the internet. Those born in, or after, that paradigm-shifting year stand to inherit a world that is effectively unrecognisable to their grandparents: one where capitalism is king, drones fly the skies and online access renders state boundaries increasingly fluid. 

Curators Simon Castets and Hans Ulrich Obrist are setting out to map the mental geography of this generation with their long-form art project, 89plus. All this weekend, Dazed will be livestreaming its biggest incarnation yet, the 89plus Marathon at the Serpentine Gallery, where representatives of the #YoungerThanRihanna generation will be speaking and presenting work that runs the gamut of activism, art, architecture, programming and poetry.

As a Dazed preview, some of the artists, writers and filmmakers told us what the future holds in store, and sent us an assorted mix of snippets, samples and excerpts of their work. Call it the 89plus scrapbook, a visual assemblage of where the 89plus head is at. Dive in. 

Vinzenz Reinecke, artist 
The future will be untouched.

Luna Miguel, writer
The future will be bright.

Bruno Zhu, photographer
The future will be skintight and blue blue blue.

Crispin Best, writer
The future will be the present, then the past, and so on.

Sarah Abu Abdallah, artist 
The future will be in the hands of those willing to contribute to it.

Rachael Allen, writer
The future will be different.

Nourine Shenawy, artist
The future will be history.