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Luis Jacob: In a Material World
The Inhabitants 1Luis Jacob

In A Material World

Perception is everything in Luis Jacob's first UK exhibition

How do we relate and interact with the objects around us? For Canadian-based artist Luis Jacob’s first UK exhibition he addresses just that. With a variety of installations, Jacob’s pieces emphasise how inanimate objects can develop their own cultural and personal history. The show coincides with the recent release of his book Luis Jacob: Seeing and Believing released on Black Dog Publishing which will explore the art of exhibitioning projects. The book follows a series of three projects based in Toronto and Montreal in which Jacob experimented with audience perception and reality by positioning his audience centre-stage, in the hinterland between reality and fantasy. Through these calculated installations Jacob exposes the relationship between spatial positioning and the audience's engagement with a piece.

In Luis’ own words:

"Things" are a funny business.  We live surrounded by things - from our favourite old chair to our latest mobile phone - making use of them as tools, as status symbols, and as components of our sense of self.  Things are there for us.  We use them, and we shape them in order to be used.

But things also come to shape us.  When the chair says, "Sit here!" -- when the phone says, "Buy me!' - we learn that things are much more active than we like to give them credit for.  Things watch us, feigning to ignore us.  Things communicate amongst themselves, pretending to be mute.  And as we sit and find comfort in our favourite chair, and as we obediently upgrade to the latest model of our phone, we learn that things anticipate us, and order us around like bosses.

In A Material World runs from 12 September – 2 November at Work Gallery.

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