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Eli Sudbrack - PLEASE CREDIT Belaid Lemharchis

Films4peace: assume vivid astro focus

Exclusive: The subject of peace is explored for films4peace 2013 in a multimedia explosion

Brazilian-born artist Eli Sudbrick initially took on the name assume vivid astro focus as an elongated alias, but avaf has since evolved into an umbrella name for an international collective of visual and performance artists who are making as much noise as possible in the art scene. Previous projects have flung wildly from plastic-fantastic disco rooms to an inflatable slide installation jutting out from a pair of monstrous magenta lips. But one thing is evident: an overt and obnoxious love for colour. Their latest project is, of course, no exception: created for World Peace Day, the collective explore the subject of peace in a snappy, hyper-coloured short.

Commissioned by PUMA for films4peace 2013, the film is underlaid with a convulsing background of abstract stripes, with gun motifs swirling onscreen as sinister pop-art cutouts. With a manic original score by Hugo Frasa, the film reaches a crescendo as the gun image implodes into symbols of gaudy consumerism.

The group explains, "We live in a world of unaccomplished dreams. Nevertheless, as knowledge spreads we are also experiencing a more vivid taste of these dreams. Unfortunately there are a few generations that came before us that continue to hold these views back. But these generations will eventually fade away and we will have the freedom to share, spread, absorb, assume, contaminate, inseminate, devour!" Well, you heard them.

films4peace is a short film commission by PUMA bringing millions of people from around the world together at screenings and online in celebration of World Peace Day, 21 September.