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Seth Bogart's top 7 gay icons

From Blanket to Dracula, Seth Bogart of Hunx & His Punx highlights his top gay icons

Seth Bogart – better known, perhaps, as leader of San Francisco dolls Hunx and his Punx – has made a wonderful t-shirt of his favourite gay icons for Wacky Wacko. Dress up to dress out by choosing from the Boys All Over Me or the Girls All Over Me versions, and in the meanest of times, check out his favourite seven babes and idols below.


Reasons for loving her are obvious: Pink Corvette, "famous for being famous", purchased giant billboards around LA of herself, but I think my favourite part about her is her little known business woman side! If you see her in LA and want a picture, she will open her trunk and it's literally a gift shop inside with all kinds of t-shirts and magazines and bumper stickers. She also gets kinda bossy and ordered me to grab her Hello Kitty purse at the back of the trunk 'cause her credit card machine was inside. I love being bossed into spending money. I think I love her.


We may not agree on a lot of things but there's one thing we can agree on – Shiloh Jolie-Pitt: the toughest little boy in Hollywood. The leading fashion icon for strong dykes and gay guys who want to look butch. Feeling sad for Suri and Lourdes – yesterday's news.


Singer of The Germs – my fave punk band. It's pretty cool that basically every good punk band has at least one homosexual in it. If you ain't gay, you ain't punk. His boyfriend had such a big thing! I was terrified/turned on when I saw it. Darby died the year I was born. He could have been my dad… or daddy?


Blanket is a gay icon of the future. Trust me! I know these things. The hair, the skin, the eyebrows, the one word name. It's all there: a gay icon waiting to happen.


Whenever Dracula says "I Vant To Suck", I believe him! Every time! He's so hungry. He never gets full. He's such a hunk. Dresses so well. Just goes around sucking things and looking good.


She has a perfect voice. She's always in the best bands – Bikini Kill, Julie Ruin, Le Tigre. She has a hunky husband, Ad Rock. She dances and dresses really well and has a signature high pony tail. She has all the things!


Every cool gay boy I know loves Kim Deal, no matter what. She is literally my musical idol. Not gay, not straight. She's A! Asexual. So in right now. Gay icon status. I don't think she's ever made bad music. Even to this day. She could record music blindfolded with no hearing and it would still sound like heaven.

Seth Bogart is founder of Wacky Wacko Records and the band Hunx & His Punx