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Dinos Chapman's Audio-Visual Show

Dinos Chapman hits Fabric

Fabric host the UK premiere of Dinos Chapman's audio-visual show

Fresh from Sonar earlier this Summer, Turner Prize nominee Dinos Chapman is set to bring his unique brand of audio-visual entertainment to the hallowed floors of Fabric on October 17. Having premiered the show in Barcelona, this will be the UK’s first taste of Dinos’ show, presented by The Vinyl Factory and featuring a series of short films set to music from Chapman’s debut album, Luftbobler. The night will also feature Jake Chapman and his band, Heimlich plus sets from Trevor Jackson, Jarvis Cocker & Steve Mackey, Nick Williams and special guests. The Fabric premier will mark the start of the show's European tour which will then head onto Birmingham, Turin, Paris and Camber Sands.

Dazed Digital: Can you tell us a bit more about the short films that feature in the show? Is there an overarching theme to them?

Dinos Chapman: We made the mistake of bringing along a bunny outfit for the initial photo-shoot we did for Dazed and somehow it stuck. The new films we've made don't really relate to anything in the music - like all the other movies it's an experiment in how far the viewer/listener's imagination will forge a link between sound and vision. Also, the rabbit suit allows me to behave in a way that I can't when I'm wearing my day ware."

DD: Do you approach live music differently to art?

Dinos Chapman: They're not the same thing. There's very little performative element in the art we make - art tends to be static objects in quiet rooms."

DD: Are you going to make Jake perform in a wig on a stool like you said the last time we spoke?

Dinos Chapman: "Definitely, maybe nude as well."

For more info and tickets go to Fabric's site.

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