Welcome to Peckham

Introducing our week of pieces about the stars igniting radical culture south of the Thames

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Peckham strong! 

All this week, Dazed Digital is concerned with a set of leafy streets and estates three and a half miles due southeast of Charing Cross. Peckham is a verdant, if a little rough-round-the-edges, district that most  at Dazed have fond memories of and many call home. It's also finding itself at a once-a-generation nexus of London’s most radical (and fun) art. 

Just this week, local lad King Krule releases his debut album, Kit Neale launched his Peckham Riveria collection and Arcadia_Missa released their fantastic new journal. The weekend was full of the usual blurred late nights and early mornings at Canavan's and the Bussey Building. In just over a fortnight, the Peckham Artist Moving Image festival launches and at the end of September, rooftop art festival Bold Tendencies will close another terrific summer of events. 

A timetable of forward-thinking art and DIY creativity has been reasonably commonplace around those bits for years. But recent months have seen a small boom in coverage of the area – the headline “… Is The New Dalston / Shoreditch / Berlin” is second only to Only Fools & Horses, booming house prices and chicken shops in recent Peckham cliches. Yet, for Dazed, Peckham is not the new anywhere – this week is about profiling the people, art and things that could not take place anywhere else. Expect pieces on the DIY / digital art scene, the rise and fall of squatland, all-night dancing and ragga, videos on self-publishing and gangland and a photographic portrait of the people making this one of the UK’s most thrilling square miles.

We kicked off this morning with a portrait of King Krule and an exclusive look at Kit Neale’s new Peckham-inspired lookbook. Check out King Krule's guy to his bits on the video below, look out for daily updates on dazeddigital.com/Peckham-Week and of course, let us know your what you think on the usual networks. South stars, keep shining! 

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