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20/20 Visions: Franz Drameh

The young Hackney actor attacks the block and cross-dresses for the cameras

After stealing the screen in 2011’s council estate-set alien flick Attack the Block, Hackney-born Franz Drameh has taken the plunge into Hollywood with SF blockbuster All You Need Is Kill alongside Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt, to be released next year. “I like watching myself back,” he says. “Sometimes I forget it’s me. I just see the character.” But while his level of perfectionism rivals Beyoncé, he’s not as comfortable wearing outrageous apparel. When asked for his oddest moment of 2013, he splutters something about having to wear a bright pink dress and asks, “Does that count as weird?” While we’re anticipating his Hollywood ascent, Drameh is looking towards a bicentennial future. “I wanna see robots. It’s only a matter of time, I’m tellin’ ya.”


Patricia Arquette or Demi Moore?
Demi Moore.

Nirvana or Smashing Pumpkins?

Wu Tang or A Tribe Called Quest?
Wu Tang.

Bill Clinton or Chelsea Clinton?
Bill Clinton.

Edward Furlong or Christian Slater?
Christian Slater.

Poetic Justice or Menace II Society?
Poetic Justice.

Jurassic Park or Groundhog Day?
Jurassic Park.

Trainspotting or The Virgin Suicides?

Beavis or Butthead?

Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell?
Naomi Campbell.

Mortal Kombat or Super Mario Bros?
Mortal Kombat.

Young and beautiful or old and wise?
Young and beautiful.

Brooklyn or Manhattan?

Lollapalooza or LOLZ?

RuPaul or Ron Jeremy?
Ron Jeremy.

Retro or future?

Drunk or sober?

War or peace?

Night or day?

Party or bullshit?

Franz wears camoflage-print coat by Lyle & Scott and jersey jumper by J. Lindeberg.

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