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Dazed Talk: Subvert The Net

Tonight! London crew! Come down to a Dazed talk with guest panelists chatting all things web

The Friday before we started pushing live on the articles planned for Hack Your Future week, news rang through the net about PRISM, the US government's massive programme of digital surveillance on its own citizens. The NSA was apparently aided, willingly or not, by the participation of big tech. While Zuckerberg, Page et al vehemently deny collusion, the week, rocked by the shocking images of the Turkish martyrs clad in Anonymous masks straight from 4Chan taking brutal beatings, we are perhaps finally entering the net's punk age.

All this week on Dazed Digital we’ve hosted a week of content about hacking. We’ve looked at the ways that cyberpunk spirit of creativity, commonality and a healthy, snotty distrust of our elders and betters are working through five creative disciplines: writing, art, fashion, music and activism, lead by five experts in those fields, from DiS Magazine’s Patrik Sandberg to Anonymous's key operatives. Now, for this AFK event we’ve called together some of London’s most crucial commentators to speak about what we can do to reclaim the unwritten-tomorrow, and how creative outsiders can subvert the net to hack our future. Come on down!

DAZED: Subverting The Net: 6.30pm, 14th June at Unruly Media, 42-46 Princelet Street, London, E1 5LP