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"All of the Land"

Daryl Waller (London, UK)

His new work will be exhibited at the group show "Who the FUCK do you think you ARE" at the Dazed gallery in February.

Daryl Waller is an artist whose work is shot through with wry humour and dark pathos. His eclectic portfolio, which veers from faux naïve paintings to sharp focused photography, is concerned with exploring everything from celebrity culture and notions of identity, to more fundamental questions about human liberty, terrorism and social stereotyping.
He will be exhibiting new work in the group show Who the FUCK do you think you ARE at the Dazed Gallery this February.


…your work all about?
It’s about whatever you’d like it to be about, but never just that.

…the one piece of work you wish you had created?
Probably Jay Heikes’s video for “Daydream Nation” – a reworking of the Gerhard Richter painting used for the Sonic Youth album.

…the world coming to?
I don’t know. I feel ignorant and I swerve from thinking that humans are tainted, doomed, bloodthirsty and cruel animals, to feeling like we might have the potential for our souls to become enlightened and allowed to float in an eternally peaceful void.

…the best piece of advice you have ever heard?
“Remember to be a good listener”.

…at the top of your shit list?
The feeling of being ripped off everywhere I turn.

…the most inspiring thing you’ve ever seen?
My Bloody Valentine at The Roundhouse in London last year.

…the name of your hero?

…so great about your hero?
He is not so much a hero, more a reminder of who I am and what I can achieve with my work – a true inspiration that nourishes my soul.

…the cleverest thing you’ve ever done?
Finally realising that it is better to keep some thoughts inside forever and never telling a living soul.

…the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?
Caught stealing from the people I loved.

…the point?
To do what you want, no matter what the cost.

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