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Hacked & Burned: tech news

Brain cell-powered smart grids, luminescent plants and trolling from the Syrian Army

GIF of the WEEK: dvdp

David Ope will be taking some time away from tumblr so now is a good a time as any to feature the work of one of the more prolific tumblr GIF artists

TUMBLR OF THE WEEK: Creating civilisations

They draw poetic charts, mapping civilizations that exist only in the mind. If schematics are your thing, then you'll love this tumblr.

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: How big is the internet of things?

The internet of things is that moment when all of our devices are connected to the internet. How many things would be in the internet of things? To get an idea of the dizzying scale we're talking about check out this website from GS1 (the patron enterprise of the humbler barcode). It features a tickertape showing how many barcodes are scanned per day (hint it's approx 10000 per second).


The larger bitcoin grows the more appealing a target it is for cybercrime. This week ongoing DDoS strikes on the Mt Gox bitcoin exchange took the service offline for a number of hours – all of which has the consequence of devaluing Bitcoin:

...on that topic make sure to tune in to Listen to Bitcoin

SCIENCE OF THE WEEK: Engineers Use Brain Cells to Power Smart Grid

A petri dish of living neural cells (a brain-computer chimera) is trained to manage a simulated electricity power grid. Software is wired directly to wetware, to the end of optimising an electricity grid through biocomputation.

Wetware of the Week: Light Plant Kickstarter

Here's one future fatigue milestone: synthetic biology is going mainstream with a kickstarter to gift backers with glowing plants. Upcoming synbio startups Cambrian Genomics and Genome Compiler are teaming up to offer a plant that glows in the dark, by splicing luminescence genes from fireflies and deep sea creatures into a humble household plant.

Geek of the Week: Bakin' Mosaic Cakes

The New Media Merz Acadamy gathered together to bake cakes in celebration of the Mosaic Broswers 20th birthday. The Mosaic browser was the first cross platform browser and laid the foundations which netscape and Internet explorer soon followed.


Ian Cheng's very particular take on virtual environments is distilled into his forthcoming app, ENTROPY WRANGLER. The app is an infinite simulation of motion captured bodies enduring Cheng's twisted virtual physics.

HACKS OF THE WEEK: Free Syrian Army

The Free Syrian Army scored top trolling points this week, planting a fake tweet in the Associated Presses Twitter account about explosions in the Whitehouse. The global stock market shudder caused by this prank was definitely the most interesting aspect. Though very briefly, the DOW dropped by over 100 points in the wake of the tweet.