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Teenage Takeover: The Problem Kids

Chloe Little, 19, started her website TheProblemKids.Com to establish herself as a tastemaker and a rulebreaker.

I started The Problem Kids because I wanted to create an artistic outlet for young people like me, who are living in London, going out every night, who love music, who can write and who are unafraid to not fit in. To me the London party scene is like being at school, too many kids who look like they just stepped off a Gareth Pugh runway, conceited, obnoxious, and all frightfully insecure. They act unaffected, but really they are all terrified of not being accepted.

That was never me. I would walk around school in nothing but a Mudhoney t shirt and Dr Martens, I still do today. Its about having an opinion and your own style, whether its deemed cool or not, that’s what being a problem kid is all about.
I want my website to be a community for those kids, and say ‘It's OK to not have a famous dad or be in with the ‘it’ crowd of the moment', you can still be involved in London music, fashion and culture. I want it to be a club for the undesirables.
A place where the anti-cool kids of the world unite.

I never thought anyone outside the 5 friends I have would read it, but apparently people like what I write. It just honest. I am getting a few thousand hits a week and with just me writing it’s pretty time consuming. But I am not just the face behind my website, I am also in the process of writing my debut album, running my own club night at The Lexington and Brixton Jamm, I DJ everywhere from Chicago to Amsterdam and even plan to launch a new clothing line soon.

I knew I wanted to work in music the first time I heard Bela Lugosi’s Dead. I have this unhealthy compulsion to know everything about it, and it is not uncommon for me to spend 5 or 6 hours a day writing songs and researching bands.
For now my main focus is making my own music. I just want to write good songs, that people relate to and that can pinpoint certain emotions. The feeling of being 14 and that song meant everything to you, you felt like it was written about you, well that’s what I want to create, because that feeling never goes away.

I get emails from girls who read my site as if they know me and everything about my life, it’s quite surreal, but I am happy that other people can relate to what I am writing, they like my taste in books and films and music and they like my style. But I am just one of a million girls all on the same journey of living in the big city, growing up, falling in love, making important decisions, and then breaking up. I feel like I am beginning to make my mark on the music industry that is in dire straits for some sort of natural disaster to shake things up. Maybe that’s meant to be me.
Only time and patience will tell.

Read about Chloe's love, hate, and life at The Problem Kids and her MySpace.
Text by Chloe Little