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Could music sound better on drugs?

Asking the big questions with the altered consciousness of the Evolver gang is a magazine about far-out culture and evolved consciousness edited by longtime Dazed columnist Daniel Pinchbeck. Under this Blog, he and his colleague Faye Sakellaridis round up their favourite nuggets for the modern shaman. 

Current research offers tantalizing support for the claims that psychedelics can be used to enhance cognition, improve intelligence, and strengthen cognitive studies. This excerpt from "The Psychedelic Future of the Mind" by Thomas B. Roberts PhD explores the effect psychedelics have on cognitive enhancement. 

The past few weeks have seen much controversy in the TED world after they pulled talks by Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake on the grounds that they were "unscientific." In this article, Graham Hancock offers a rebuttal to TED's actions and claims against his talk. 

Not long after TED pulled Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake's talks, they revoked the license of TEDxWestHollywood. This happened just a couple of weeks before their event, "Brother Can You Spare a Paradigm?" TED offered no reason beyond a vague statement suggesting that the program is not sufficiently scientific. Both TED and the affected parties have spoken openly about this incident. 

We asked two of our leading occult scholars, Richard Smoley and Mitch Horowitz, to share their observations about the current state of mysticism in America, and where they see the field heading in the future. In this dialogue, they discuss the role of New Age in the 21st century, and its dynamic within popular culture. 

Last week, congress passed a bill which included a provision that "protects genetically modified seeds from litigation in the face of health risks," now referred to as the "Monsanto Act." According to the Gates Foundation, genetic engineering is "necessary," but as Daniel Pinchbeck discusses in this article, there are often unintended and unforeseen consequences from new technologies that only become obvious much later. 

Episode 3 of the Reality Sandwich podcast is now live. In this edition, hosted by OddEdges, you will hear: Gabriel D. Roberts' interview with Krystle Cole of Neurosoup, OddEdge's interview with famous psychic spy Russell Targ, legendary David Silver giving a taste of his new podcast MINDROLLING, and news and other weirdness brought to you by OddEdges and Brooklyn-based Linwood. 

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