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Puma’s Reality Bag and 30 Americans

John Armleder creates artwork and exhibition piece all in one for Puma.

Swiss Fluxus artist John Armleder was invited by Puma, for the second time, to create and curate an artwork and exhibition piece in one. The Reality Bag was originally conceived with uber curator Hans Ulrich Obrist at the Serpentine last year as a kind of portable conceptual gallery. Bag number 2, emblazoned with Armleader’s graphic spider imagery, this time draws on The Rubell Family Collection’s latest exhibition in Miami ‘30 Americans’.

This fascinating show of 30 African-American artists includes imagery that touches on race and identity – as well as every other issue and approach going in contemporary art. To coincide with the exhibition, Armleder invited artists from the killer line up including Kerry James Marshall, Glenn Ligon and Kehinde Wiley to each create a text piece for a special crayon set and include exclusive work in a small inspirational notebook. The whole package (which comes with other Armleder pieces including a USB stick, pouch, flip wallet, T shirt, key ring, and the catalogue of the show) is a limited edition of 500. Collectors were queueing up to purchase the package at the opening during Miami Art Basel this month. And there’s some heart with the art here too – part of the sales goes towards the Serpentine’s education programme and the Rubell’s Contemporary Art Foundation.