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Cut & Wrapped: film news

This week's new film: Brazilian debut Neighbouring Sounds, art-house masterpiece Post Tenebras Lux, and Spring Breakers at last!

NEW FILM OF THE WEEK: Neighbouring Sounds

Set in Recife, one of Brazil’s most violent cities, up-and-coming talent Kleber Mendonca Filho’s boldly innovative debut feature Neighbouring Sounds turns on the creeping paranoia of a gated community’s residents. This fear only heightens when a gang of security guards show up, offering their services. It’s marked out by a stunning, layered soundscape and obsession with the way in which social division is embedded in architectural design. Out in the UK on Friday 22 March.

TRAILER OF THE WEEK: Post Tenebras Lux

From a red animated devil stalking hallways to an orgy scene in French sauna-rooms named after Hegel and Duchamp, Post Tenebras Lux - the latest from Mexican art-house maestro Carlos Reygadas – is brimming with intense scenes and bizarre imagery. The film, largely shot in and around the director’s own home in the Mexican wilderness, has strongly divided audiences. Check the trailer for a taste of its lush, sensory style. Out in the UK on Friday 22 March.

OLD FILM OF THE WEEK: Flaming Creatures

“Notorious” is a word often applied to Jack Smith’s experimental film Flaming Creatures, which was seized by police at its NYC premiere and taken to court for obscenity. Described by the director himself as a “comedy set in a haunted music studio”, the 43-minute featurette sees sexually ambiguous characters act out carnal fantasies on the rooftop of an old New York movie house kitted out to look like an Arabian harem. Screening at London's Tate Modern on Wednesday 27 March.

EVENT OF THE WEEK: Spring Breakers preview

It’s here! Harmony Korine’s hotly awaited, hazy fever dream, starring Selena Gomez and fellow Disneyers as fluro-bikinied teens who finance their spring break vacation by brutally holding up a diner, is the most deliriously weird film to hit screens in a good while. The spring breakers soon fall in with a drug-dealing G (James Franco with cornrows) who’s into playing Britney on his poolside piano. A preview screening is being held at London’s ICA on Friday 22 March.


"With him you could try anything—there was nothing you were told not to do, except spill the chemicals,” a protégée of Man Ray once said about him. This screening of experiments from the Dada era includes the avant-garde legend’s 1920s Le Retour a La Raison, featuring animated textures and the torso of his lover, nightclub singer Kiki de Montparnasse, and Emak Bakia, which when first shown caused the audience to riot. Marcel Duchamp’s work of whirling animated drawings Anemic Cinema is also among the conceptual goodness. To live music from John Sweeney, at London's Barbican on Sunday 24 March.

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