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Hacked & Burned: tech news

The digital stories you need to know

TUMBLR OF THE WEEK is a tech art Tumblr that remains intriguing by dint of its inscrutable nature. Answers as to what it's all about are hinted at within its manifesto but don't let that spoil the act of scrolling through this fascinating tumblr.

GIF OF THE WEEK We really like what Evan Roth has done for his latest exhibition, showing at the Museum of the Moving Image. Roth has resuscitated several gifs from Heathers Animations (a trove of 90s era transparent GIFs) and given them a new lease of life.

GEEK OF THE WEEK Steve Mann, wearable computer maverick, (and the first victim of a cyborg hate crime), offers decades of insight into what augmented reality eyewear feels like.

CYBERCRIME OF THE WEEK Just amazing. Jailed cybercriminal is enrolled in IT class. Can you guess what happens next?

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK The world's first Tumblr Art Symposium is happening down at 319 Scholes (fresh from a successful “God Mode” Art Hack Day) on Saturday 9th March. You can watch the livestream here and keep abreast of the internet arts dialogue on HyperAllergic's tumblr 

HARDWARE OF THE WEEK Border Control Drone Specs As part of their ongoing series covering the emerging politics of drone Warfare, the Verge have unveiled the specs toted by domestic US drones. Their ability to intercept wireless signals boosts their worrying surveillance ability.

WETWARE OF THE WEEK Mancunian Biohackers Revel in London Synthetic biology lets scientists reprogram genomes and make materials from bacteria. The DIYbio scene lets anyone with appetite for the science get in on the game, and all this week the Arts Catalyst in London plays host to the Mancunian biohacking group MADLab. Most of the workshops, which include transforming bacteria into glow in the dark ornaments, are booked out but there's still room for a Salon event next Wednesday

ALGO ANXIETY OF THE WEEK The grey area of automation and culpability was interestingly transgressed by Solid Gold Bombs' tee shirts that remixed the painfully tired “KEEP CALM AND... “ meme with a bunch of rape jokes. An interesting speculation on the politics and pop cultural weight of the algorithm follows over on Quiet Babylon.

TECHNONOMY OF THE WEEK Welcome to the genuinely bemusing economics of today. Last year 'Satellite Tank Spotter' entered the list of unique millennials career opportunities. Now we learn that to fund his philanthropic sudan surveillance satellites George Clooney has launched a brand of tequila

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