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George Barber - The Freestone Drone - waterside co

Hung & Drawn

The latest in art this week, selected by Susanna Davies-Crook

EXHIBITION OF THE WEEK: George Barber at Waterside Contemporary

George Barber's three room video installation examines a drone; the kind of unmanned aerial vehicle increasingly in army surveillance and combat missions with no need of a human pilot. In personifying the freestone drone, Barber makes it both absurd and alien, creating narratives and images which move through imagined and found footage, past and future, imagining the human in this unseen dystopian technology of war.

2 February - 23 March; George Barber in conversation with Sam Thorne (associate editor, Frieze) Wednesday, 27 February, 7pm

EVENT OF THE WEEK: 319 Scholes presents Art Hack Day: 'God Mode'

Art Hack Day aims to crack the process of art making, uniting artists and hackers in the NY gallery space and utilising open-source technologies and a collaborative ethos.  This event investigates with the 'God Mode', an 80s game development term used to describe a moment of impermeability in the game, and now applied to consumer electronics where it denotes the 'secret backdoor' or the 'jailbreak'.  The event will be streamed live on and visitors encouraged to interact online and turn up in person on the Saturday night. 

26 January – 28 January.  Open to the public: Saturday January 28, 7:00pm - late


In his new exhibition at Berlin's Société gallery, the German artist launched his own bespoke 3D printed screw design, the 'Hater Head', 'A screw is a simple object.  A tiny piece of metal.  But in the hands of someone who knows how to use it, it turns into a machine'.  Holen's animated video depicts the screw at work, a spinning drilling action smoothly rendered and presented alongside a text describing the artist's 3D printing process and history of screws dating back to the 7th century.

21 February to 23 March

FESTIVAL OF THE WEEK: Words Spoken Aloud at Turner Contemporary

The festival of text inspired performance, exhibition and workshops include artists Fiona Banner, Stefania Batoeva and Sue Tompkins alongside Margate writers' squad in one of the UK's most exciting new regional institutions.

The festival runs from Friday 8 (6 - 9pm) - Sunday 10 March (Sat and Sun 10am - 6pm).

BOOK OF THE WEEK: Cory Doctorow - 'Homeland'

Claire Danes is nowhere to be seen in Doctorow's sequel to 'Little Brother'.  Though the protagonist's hactivist past does lead him on a path filled with information leaking, government agencies, secrets and truth, revealing the networks of power at play in our every day existence.  The usual quick paced intrigue from the tech world's most current fiction writer, Boing Boing editor Cory Doctorow.

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