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Hacked & Burned

Stephen Fortune on brain imaging tats, large-scale eye tests for orbiting drones plus RGB landscapes


We all know how prevalent the golden ratio is in classical portraiture. And a new Tumblr is exploring how amenable the iconic Nike swoosh is to fine art.


Emilio Gomariz's woozy RBG landscapes are exemplary of what makes minimalist GIFs so bewitching

SCIENCE OF THE WEEK: Brain Simulation Race

The EU and USA are currently engaged in a dick waving contest over brain simulation. Following from the €1.25 billion euro funding granted to The Human Brain Project, POTUS Barack Obama has pledged government backing for similar endeavours in the US. While all this money is being chucked about the tar baby question of whether the brain actually can be simulated is dodged. Ed Yong has a nuanced take on this issue: the tl;dr being “possible or not, focusing expert minds on one end goal will prove worthwhile, if only in terms of better organisation of existing information”.

CYBERCRIME OF THE WEEK: Belly of the Chinese Hacking Beast

The New York Times (themselves a recent victim of alleged Chinese cybercrime) has a write up on Mandiant's dossier that fingers the Chinese military as complicit in the spate of hacking attacks directed at US state and commercial enterprises.


Not sure what to do with that Makerbot? How about fabricating monstrosities? That task has been made a whole heap easier by Autodesk's monster modelling system

GEEK OF THE WEEK:  Dr. Cameron M. Smith

Not to be denied his dream of voyaging to space, Dr. Cameron M. Smith is detailing how he made his own sub-orbital suits over on Wired's blog network

ALGO-ANXIETY OF THE WEEK: Unobtrusive, Invasive and Lethal

Now that we're all getting to grips with drones as a part of life it's time to have our sense of terror renewed, and what better way than this grim video surmising what the US military wants from the next generation of hardware: micro aerial vehicles, best suited to “Dull Dirty and Dangerous” warfare:

TECH-ART OF THE WEEK: Eye Tests for Drones

Turns out that this unintentional land art was DECADES ahead of the new-aesthetic. ??? has dug up these ideograms designed to help high orbiting cameras conduct resolution calibration.

WETWARE OF THE WEEK: Brain Imaging Tattoos

One of the more eye-catching presentations at the AAAS meetings was Todd Coleman's rub-on tattoos which double up as brain computer interfaces. Always heartening to see cyberpunk artefacts gradually manifest in reality.

TECHNONOMY OF THE WEEK: Shoot the shit with the ISS

Tomorrow NASA are doing a Google Hangout with the crew of the ISS. Forget your jetpack and let that bit of future fatigue settle in. 

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